Last Chance for November’s Product Giveaway!

November's Product Giveaway Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Milk Cleanser This gentle, milky, no-rinse cleanser removes makeup and cleanses the skin while providing moisture and antioxidant protection that leaves the skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. This cleanser is ideal for dry to very dry sensitive skin types. Benefits Removes impurities without irritation Respects integrity of [...]

FDA Approves Botox for Forehead Lines

Written by Dr. Paul M. Graham For many decades, Botox has been used to soften and eliminate lines on the face and neck. However, until recently the FDA had only approved the use of Botox for the frown lines (glabellar lines) and crows feet (lateral canthal lines). Despite not being FDA approved for the forehead, [...]

Coola Sunscreen: The Next Generation of Sun Protection

Our very own, Sara Wilchowski PA-C, discusses a review on one of her favorite products, Coola Sunscreen. Coola was founded by Chris Birchby in 2007 with the goal to bring eco-friendly, organic, better-for-you sunscreen. All of the products are at least 70% organic and clinically tested according to FDA standards. This companies goal is to provide [...]

Bruising: Our Little Secret

Written by Dr. Paul M. Graham Do you ever wish that you can get rid of a bruise quicker? Well, you are in luck! This week's article discusses how to expedite the elimination of a bruise. With cosmetic procedures on the rise, bruising is an inevitable occurrence. The most common location for bruising in my [...]

Coolsculpting Craze: Freezing the Fat Away

Written by Dr. Paul M. Graham Many of you have heard about Coolsculpting, otherwise known as cryolipolysis, from television commercials, internet ads, or by recommendation/personal testimony from your friends, but do you know how this popular procedure actually works? With over 10 million cosmetic procedures performed each year, noninvasive body contouring treatments such as cryolipolysis [...]

Dr. Graham’s Expert Opinion on Acne in WebMD Magazine

Read the FULL article here: September WebMD Editorial PDF For more information on acne, check out the following articles: Do OTC Acne Treatments Really Work? Acne Basics: Part 1 Low Glycemic Diet and Acne: How You Can Feel Better Inside and Out Tip of the Week: In What Order Should I Apply Topical Products? Photo [...]

The Itch That Rashes: Eczema

Written by Sonya G. Zarkhin, DO Edited by Paul M. Graham, DO For years, patients and their families have gone into their dermatologist's office for their itchy skin and left with a diagnosis of "eczema", or atopic dermatitis. Unfortunately for many, getting the correct diagnosis was a complete breeze compared to understanding the root cause of [...]